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2017-04-18 14:24:03
Kylie Jenner Pulls A 'Single White Female' On Kim Kardashian In New Cosmetics Collab Video

When it comes to makeup, Kylie Jenner and her sister Kim Kardashian have had a troubled past. First, Kim visited the Kylie Cosmetics factory and threatened to give away all of the inventory before it sold. Then there was the time Kim stole a bunch of lip kits from Kylie's pop up shop and gave them out to fans for free. Not to mention when Kylie retaliated by posting a bunch of unflattering snaps of Kim getting her face contoured.

But, alas, it appears the sisters have made peace by announcing Kim will be releasing her own collaboration with Kylie cosmetics. They teased the news with a kinda creepy video where the sisters mirror one another exactly.

Am I the only one getting Single White Female vibes? Seems fitting considering that the sisters wore nearly identical looks last week. Regardless, I'll stay tuned to see what products Kim and Kylie have got up their (probably identical) sleeves.