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2017-05-07 21:34:03
Let’s Talk About The Sequins On The MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet

Let's rate the sequins on the MTV red carpet according to an arbitrary system of sequin-ness that I just invented. Why? Because why not.

  • Tiny white sequins

    Millie Bobby Brown paired cowboy boots with a mod, long-sleeved white shift dress encrusted in tiny white sequins, topped off with an ACLU ribbon and slicked-back hair.

    Sequins rating: 9

  • Pink, green, and gold ombré sparkles

    Allison Williams's cocktail dress is adorned with sequins that transition, ombré-like, from green to gold to pink. Could have had more sequins.

    Sequins rating: 5

  • Enormous sequins

    These giant paillettes, whose dictionary definition includes the term "spangles," are the largest sequins ever seen on a red carpet. They don't really look like sequins, but apparently they are.

    Sequins rating: 7

  • Rose-gold everything

    This is how you wear a sequin dress. THIS IS HOW YOU WEAR A SEQUIN DRESS. It has a cutout back, it is full-length, it has SO many sequins. Taraji is, once again, a godsend.

    Sequins rating: 10

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