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2017-05-18 15:29:03
Allow Miley Cyrus To Explain Why Her Hair Is Two Different Colors

Not only is Miley Cyrus going back to her roots in her new music, but also her roots in her hair. Get it? Yeah? Cool!

You may have noticed Miley Cyrus has grown out the bleach blonde pixie cut that's been her signature for the last few years. Instead, she's sporting long roots — or, to make it more fashion, "two-toned hair" during her "Malibu" press tour. While this might seem unintentional, Miley has a pretty good explanation for it.

“I like blond and brown — now I don’t have to choose,” Miley explained in a radio interview with The Lawrence Cooper Show.

Constantly having to bleach your hair can wreak major damage, as many TV stars who had to dye their hair for roles can attest. She's fully embracing a lazy haircare lifestyle, further elaborating, "For chicks, you’ve gotta look a certain way all the time, and I just don’t wanna do that.”

Stars! Sometimes they too just don't feel like dealing with their hair!