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2017-05-24 11:22:03
Rihanna Is Finally Releasing Shoes You Can Get Wet

Among many other talents, Rihanna is a shoe innovator. Over the last two years of her Fenty x Puma collection, she's brought us styles that are often imitated but never duplicated: from fur covered slides, velvet sneakers, to satin slides and sneakers.

One thing these shoes have in common is how they embody casual luxury, much like Rihanna herself. Another thing they all have in common: they're made of fabrics you really shouldn't get wet.

Finally, for all Fenty x Puma fans who were too scared to wear their fur slides to the pool, there is a solution.

On Thursday, Puma will drop the Fenty X Puma jelly slides. Hopefully you can get your hands on them before they presumably start reselling for $1,000 on eBay.