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Here's How The Internet Imagined Kylie Jenner's Reaction To Rihanna's Makeup Line

Yesterday (May 31), Rihanna confirmed that her makeup line, Fenty Beauty, will launch this fall. This led many to speculate that Kylie Jenner's reign as celebrity cosmetics queen may soon come to end. While I'm sure the two lines will peacefully coexist, I must admit that the internet's imagined fan fiction of Kylie Jenner reacting to Rihanna's announcement brought me great joy. Here are some of her best (make-believe) reactions, courtesy of Twitter.

  • Some speculate Kylie will have to start a new life as a fast-food chain employee

    Much like former RuPaul's Drag Race contestant and vlogger Jasmine Masters.

  • Others imagined she let out a signature Kardashian ugly cry upon hearing the Fenty Beauty news
  • Or maybe she just had a good, old-fashioned freak out
  • No matter what, (they speculate) she was not thrilled

I'm sure Kylie will be FINE. That is, unless Rihanna announces her collection includes some lip kits. In that case, if I were Kylie, I'd take to the woods and never look back.