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2017-02-13 13:17:15
An Ode To Rihanna's Bedazzled Flask

Dear Rihanna,

Well, here I am once again, ready to commemorate another tiny but powerful accessory in in a long line of tiny but powerful accessories in your life.

Last night at the Grammys, you proved that you truly live for glamour. How? By bringing your very own custom crystal-encrusted flask.

I imagine between all the commercial breaks — not to mention the small talk with Carrie Underwood and Ed Sheeran — the Grammys can be a bit draining. You need a lil' something to help you power through the night. But this isn't a mere evening of sitting courtside at a basketball game! No, at the Grammys, your drink deserves the best receptable money can buy.

May God (Now Formally Known As "Beyoncé) Bless You and All Your Future Bedazzled Ventures,