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2017-03-04 11:05:06
Rihanna Is Really Feeling Her Liberty Spike-Inspired Fan Art

Rihanna's look on the March cover of PAPER is one of her sharpest — literally — so naturally the Navy broke out their pens, paper, and tablets to pay homage to latest look Riri rendered iconic just by wearing it.

On Instagram, Rihanna shared several incredible, creative renderings of her liberty spikes that make her look like the punkest comic book heroine ever or a graffiti goddess that should be towering over you from the side of the nearest sky scraper.

Some worked in the actual typeface from the mag cover and the full case of drinks behind her.

Some were straight-up cartoons in the best possible way.

Some got a little too real ...

... And then some got REALLY real. (Actual lol at someone taking Rihanna's profile photo, one that shows off her stunning features, clearly, and drawing up some serious liberty spikes.

Makes works of art, no question — but damn if it isn't great to see her fans treat her as one, too.