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2017-03-15 16:58:03
Céline Dion Was So Obsessed With Zendaya She Googled Her Stylist

For the cover of The Hollywood Reporter's new "Stylists and Stars" issue, Céline Dion and Zendaya posed with side by side their shared stylist, Law Roach. Name a more iconic trio, I'LL WAIT.

You might think the 48-year-old pop legend couldn't possibly have much in common with a 20-year-old starlet, but the reason Dion started working with Roach in the first place was because she was so enamored by pictures of Zendaya's red-carpet looks.

Last year, People reported Dion became so obsessed that she Googled until she found the name of Zendaya's stylist (Roach) and then called him up. Since then, he's been responsible for many of her iconic outfits, including her Titanic-themed Vetements sweatshirt. My heart did not go on after this look.

Now, how long until we see Celine Dion also wearing a $38 dress on the red carpet?