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2017-03-21 10:39:03
Kylie Jenner Is Launching A Blush And No It's Not Called Kblush

Despite last week's Kylighter-Gate, Kylie Jenner is powering through with another member to the Kylie Cosmetics family.

Along with her lip kit, Kyshadow, Kylighter, and Kyliner, you'll now be able to purchase blush.

Yes, is appears there really is no workable "ky-" pun to make with blush. But don't worry. Kylie added her signature touch through some, um, inventive shade names.

"Oh, me? I'm wearing VIRGINITY by Kylie Jenner."

The new blushes will be available on the Kylie Cosmetics site this Friday at 3pm PST. Let's just hope they don't arrive empty this time.