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    A Young Cara Delevingne Fan Recreated Her Met Gala Look After Getting Chemo

    13:54, June 09 165 0

    Cara Delevingne shaved her head last month for her role as the cancer-stricken girlfriend of Jaden Smith in the upcoming movie Life in a Year. When it came time for the Met Gala, Cara embraced her newly bald lifestyle by wearing a painted-on metallic pixie hairstyle instead of a wig.

    Which Wonder Woman Wore It Best?

    13:04, June 08 121 0

    In the recently released Wonder Woman, Steve Trevor, an American spy (played by Chris Pine), takes Gal Gadot’s Diana to a department store. She’s fresh from the Amazonian island of Themyscira and unfamiliar with men, gender conventions, and other imaginary social constructs. Diana’s bewilderment at the sartorial conventions of the day is played as comedy: When presented with a whalebone corset, she asks, “Is this your version of armor?” A few shots later, she splits a full-length skirt trying to high-kick, then asks: “How can a woman possibly fight in this?”

    Harry Styles Wore A T-Shirt That Says 'Women Are Smarter'

    11:22, June 07 152 0

    Feminist t-shirts are having a moment with celebrities. Everyone from Rihanna to A$AP Rocky has been seen wearing Dior t-shirts that say "We Should All Be Feminists," a quote from author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's essay and TEDx Talk of the same name.