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    Night Of The Living Brand: Will Fashion Ever Accept Zombie Line Band Of Outsiders?

    12:30, June 16 41 0

    Band of Outsiders, a much-beloved, California-based clothing label, died in 2015. I remember, because I was sad about it. A lot of people who worked in fashion were. Designer Scott Sternberg’s preppy-with-a-twist silhouettes were a favorite of the industry and fashionable celebrities, many of whom — Frank Ocean, Kirsten Dunst, Jason Schwartzman — starred in the brand’s iconic Polaroid campaigns (it was a different time; that was still cool). Band of Outsiders shows were unusual and out-of-the-box, playful events that people actually wanted to attend. In a sprawling eulogy, the New York Times noted, “It remains a mystery in the fashion community how an established label with a loyal following run by a hands-on creative talent like Mr. Sternberg could be forced to simply shut it doors.”

    Justin Bieber Gets Ready For Retirement With His New Tattoo

    11:20, June 16 47 0

    Known tattoo lover Justin Bieber has added some new ink to his collection and this time it's one he definitely won't regret in his old age. On Instagram, he shared a pic of a tattoo above his knee that reads, "BETTER AT 70."

    Bella Thorne's New Hair Color Is So Neon It's Blinding

    18:26, June 14 34 0

    Bella Thorne's hair has been to the rainbow and back. From a purple wig to neon green tips, she's tried out every color, some more permanent than others. Her latest experiment? Bright — like, the brightest — pink.

    Meet the Goopies

    05:53, June 14 46 0

    Gwyneth Paltrow’s company stages a Comic-Con for the wellness set.