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    Modern Love: The Physics of Forbidden Love

    10:04, April 28 491 0

    The winning essay from our Modern Love College Essay Contest explores an unlikely romance between a transgender man and an immigrant Indian woman.

    Heron Preston Just Wants To Make Sustainability Sexy

    13:55, April 27 411 0

    Heron Preston has made a name for himself in fashion by giving people things they're not supposed to have. Or, rather, things they think they're not supposed to have. He's sold designer bootlegs over the internet, mocked up brand collaborations that would never happen through proper channels, and, for his New York Fashion Week debut, he repurposed bales of clothing resurrected from the garbage. His work with the concept known as "upcycling" — using secondhand clothing as material for new designs — has made sustainable fashion into something no one was sure it could be: a cool commodity.

    Kim Kardashian Doesn't Know If She'll Ever Wear Real Jewelry Again

    10:59, April 27 389 0

    Kim Kardashian filmed an episode of Ellen yesterday, her first TV interview (aside from talking head footage on Keeping Up With The Kardashians) since being robbed at gunpoint in Paris. She opened up about how the life-threatening incident is making her question her relationship with luxury goods.

    Is This Selena Gomez’s Shortest Haircut Yet?

    17:00, April 25 519 0

    Well, folks, it looks like Selena Gomez just chopped off a bunch of hair. The singer casually shared a photo of herself with a very wet and very short bob on Instagram.